11. May 2016

Vol. 4: VICIOUS CIRCLE – Search for the Solution and more 2xLP

The third part from the Vicious Circle Discography contains on Side A the material from the Split LP with Youth Brigade and the tracks from the “Search For The Solution” 7” EP.

Side B has the material from the “Circle of the Doomed“ Tape recorded in 1984, the tracks from the “Hope and Wait” MLP recorded in 1987 and the 1st EP “Search for the Solution” released in 1985, plus two tracks from 1989.

The second LP has live recordings from the 1985 “Live at The Prince Of Wales“, 20 raw tracks from the early Vicious Circle era. Awesome soundboard recordings remastered from Paul Lindsay.

The double LP includes also a 12 sided colored booklet with a lot of information’s, live pictures and other fine artwork stuff.